Dancing shoes for men by Werner Kern

Discover the transformative power of dance! Uncover the 5 compelling reasons to start dancing and unlock a world of benefits for your body and mind. From improved coordination and brain function to reduced stress.

A bride does the splits on the stairs wearing Werner Kern shoes.

Since childhood, many women dream of their big wedding; the white gown, the incredibly romantic wedding ceremony, the beautiful celebration with all friends and relatives. When the day finally arrives, everything is supposed to be perfect.



Heel shapes

One of the most common heel shapes for Latin dance shoes is the flare heel. To perfectly support the dancer during turns, foot placement and figures, this heel of the shoe is oriented towards the heel of the foot.



Wedding shoes

Men also want to look perfect on the big day of the wedding. Of course, you need new shoes to go with your wedding suit. These should look perfect and let the groom enjoy the day carefree. However, this is often a big challenge.

A lady wears golden dancing shoes and stretches her feet in the air

Dance shoes for women by Werner Kern stand for beautiful design, comfort and optimally adapted requirements for dancing. Since 1954, we have been constantly improving our craft and our passion for dance shoes to make dancing a pleasure.

Two Latin dancers dance on a stage in tank shoes from Nueva Epoca

If you love to dance, you should buy high-quality dance shoes. The shoes support dancers in various kinds of movements they make, and therefore always provide a secure footing on the dance floor.

Dancing couple in a festively decorated hall

Dance shoes can be divided into two categories: Standard dance shoes and Latin dance shoes. At your high-school prom, the first dance class at school and at weddings, often more waltz, foxtrot and discofox music is played or something to that effect.