Feel the difference

Dance shoes for women from Werner Kern stand for exclusive design, and outstanding comfort. Every foot finds the right support in our dance shoes. Since 1954, we have been constantly improving our craft and our passion for dance shoes. to make dancing a pleasure.

Bride & more

On your wedding day, you don't want to walk around in everyday shoes. A big problem, however, is finding the right pair of shoes. Shoes that match the style of the dress and the wedding theme, but that you can also walk, stand and dance in all day and evening.

Which shoe for which style?

Basically, dance shoes can be divided into two categories: Standard dance shoes and Latin dance shoes. At the graduation ball, the first dance class at school and at weddings, the music often tends to be discofox, waltz, foxtrot or similar.

Wedding shoes

Not only women want to look perfect on the big day of the wedding, men also feel the need to show themselves from their best side. They buy a new suit especially for the big event. And of course, you need sparkling new shoes to go with the new suit.

Heel shapes

One of the most common heel shapes in Latin dance shoes is the flare heel. To perfectly support the dancer during turns, foot placement and figures, this heel is oriented towards the heel. Heel steps in Latin dance are rather uncommon during normal step sequences.

What's important?

If you like to dance, it is best to buy a pair of good dance shoes. The shoes support the dancer in various movements so that one always has a secure footing on the dance floor. In addition, proper dance shoes also correct misalignments that can have negative effects on the dancer's legs, pelvis and spine.