Dance shoes (closed) by Werner Kern combine elegance and comfort

Dance schools are once again experiencing a significant influx. More and more people want to learn Latin and standard dances, disco or modern dance and feel the joy of movement and music. To ensure that you stand securely and firmly on the dance floor during your first dance steps, you should invest in a pair of good dance shoes - closed or open - right from the start. Dance shoes that are closed are particularly suitable for standard dances, e.g. slow waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, slow fox or quickstep. The closed front shape of the dance shoes protects the toes in the best possible way, which can be an advantage especially with an inexperienced dance partner. Especially in the first dance lessons, it is not impossible that the leading man touches the tip of his partner's foot during a tightly executed figure. If the dance shoes are closed and not open, the toes are at least somewhat better protected.

 What are the characteristics of good dance shoes?

The most important criterion for dance shoes is that they really have to fit. The foot must find a secure hold in the dance shoe - whether closed or open - and yet the mobility must not be restricted when dancing. The sole and heel should ensure a secure step and footing, and overall, good dance shoes should still be comfortable to wear even after hours of intense movement, letting you "float on air". For more than five decades, Werner Kern has been developing, manufacturing and selling dance shoes that - whether closed or open - are worn and loved by thousands of dancers around the globe. We focus on the highest quality from the materials to the workmanship, on great attention to detail and on traditional craftsmanship. All dance shoes from Werner Kern are made by hand and with love in Italy by small and medium-sized shoemakers. Dance shoes are not normal shoes. And Werner Kern dance shoes are not normal dance shoes. You will notice the difference immediately when you try on dance shoes (closed or open) from our range for the first time. Because they offer outstanding wearing comfort, a firm grip, high-quality handcrafted materials and a light feel. We give you this promise of quality because we have been developing and manufacturing outstanding dance shoes for over 50 years - and always take on board the feedback from our customers to make good things even better. For example, a soft, flexible midsole is embedded in the sole of our dance shoes to ensure a cushioned impact. In addition, there is a shock-absorbing heel (which can be slightly shorter for dance shoes that are closed and therefore particularly suitable for beginners) as well as a soft suede sole, with which you will literally float across the dance floor. In addition, we offer various fits that are used in the design and manufacture of our dance shoes. They make it possible for our dance shoes to fit both narrow and wide feet perfectly and to be worn as light as a feather.

Dance shoes for women in the shop or online

For more than half a century, Werner Kern women's dance shoes have stood for exclusive design, a firm footing and snug fit as well as excellent wearing comfort. If you have discovered dancing as a new hobby and have not yet found shoes that are really comfortable to wear, we invite you to try Werner Kern dance shoes. You can find our models in many specialist shops in Germany; you can quickly find your nearest shop using our store finder. If your nearest specialist dance shoe shop is closed, you can also order online from our shop around the clock. Simply choose the model and the right shoe size and have your new dance shoes conveniently delivered to your home. We ship with DHL and (if you need it particularly fast) also with UPS Express to Germany, Europe and worldwide.