Dance shoes, open and with a higher heel, are ideal for Latin American dances.

 If you love tango, salsa or Latin American dances such as samba, cha-cha-cha, paso doble or rumba, then you need dance shoes that are open-toed. This is because the toe opening allows you more flexibility in movement, which is of elementary importance for these expressive dances. Only dance shoes that are open-cut allow you to stretch your feet to the maximum, which is characteristic of Latin dances in particular. For this purpose, classical Latin dance shoes are not only open-cut, but also have a higher heel. This ensures that the body's centre of gravity shifts a little more to the front, for example, to support the hip movements typical of many Latin American dances.

If you want to dance, you need good dance shoes

Are you open to new dance experiences and have therefore signed up for a tango or salsa class? Then you should try it right away with shoes that have been loved and used by dancers from all over the world for more than 50 years, with dance shoes from Werner Kern. Experience our open-toed women's dance shoes that offer a stable, firm grip at the same time as gliding across the dance floor. This is because all Werner Kern dance shoes, whether open or closed, have a flexible and soft suede sole as well as a cushioning midsole and shock-absorbing heels. Every dance shoe thus nestles perfectly against the foot and offers maximum wearing comfort, even if you dance in them for many hours. This outstanding comfort is the result of decades of experience that goes into our dance shoes, both open and closed. For example, our shoemakers in Italy use different fits to ensure that our dance shoes sit just as securely and comfortably on slender feet as they do on wide feet. In this way, shoes are lovingly handcrafted with the highest level of craftsmanship. We not only rely on experienced craftsmen, but also on the highest quality materials such as velvety soft nappa leather, velvet goat leather or glossy velour. Regional suppliers, some of whom we have also been working with for decades, provide us with the other materials such as soles, buckles or heels and share with us the love for high-quality dance shoes. Of course, since leather is a purely natural product, slight differences in the grain pattern can occur. However, this is not a defect, but rather a quality feature that makes each genuine leather dance shoe unique. We source all the leather for our shoes exclusively from Italian tanneries that meet our strict animal welfare standards and our high quality standards. More than 120 steps are required to make a genuine Werner Kern ladies' dance shoe; many of them are purely handmade, and all require care, experience and a special feeling for detail. Then each shoe goes through a rigorous quality control in our Italian factory before we offer it for sale online or in shop.

Are you looking for a dance shoe in a specific colour?

On request, we can manufacture your dance shoe, open or closed, entirely according to your wishes and specifications. With our "shoes designed by you" option, you can have any of our models custom-made in your desired colour. To do this, first visit a local shoe retailer and try on the model you want. Then specify the shoe size, heel height, colour and material you want. We will then have your personal dance shoe made by hand in Italy. After approx. 6-8 weeks your individual dance shoe is ready and will be delivered to your dealer. Of course, this offer is not only valid for women's shoes, but also for men's dance shoes. You can find suitable retailers in your area quickly and easily using our store finder. In the shop, you can try on and try out our other dance shoes (open and closed) and see for yourself that dance shoes from Werner Kern are no ordinary dance shoes. Or you can order your favourite model right here online and simply have your new shoes delivered to your door by parcel service.