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Tanzschuhe für die Straße

Hier finden Sie unsere Tanzschuhe mit Straßenledersohle.

Mit diesen Tanzschuhen können Sie in lauen Sommernächten unbesorgt

draußen tanzen. Die nächste Milonga wartet schon auf Sie.

Dancing shoes for the street

About our dance shoes

Newcomers often ask themselves: Do I really have

to have a special dance shoe to dance in?

If you plan to go dancing only once in a blue moon,

a more festive shoe from your own shoe collection will do.

However, if you go dancing more often...

Our quality

Dance- and the world will dance with you!


Martha LS
Size (UK): 7 ½




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Werner Kern Dance Shoes

Werner Kern dance shoes stand for beautiful design, comfort and optimally adapted requirements for dancing. Since 1954, we have been constantly improving our craft and our passion for dance shoes to make dancing a pleasure. Every foot finds the right support in our dance shoes, thanks to high-quality materials and a supple surface.
The goal of the Werner Kern core brand is to develop a dance shoe that teaches hobby dancers without professional experience how to dance and offers professional dancers an unmistakable dance feeling. The result is design-led, comfortable dance shoes that meet the requirements of all dance styles. Our ladies' dance shoes are suitable for all standard, Latin and ballroom dances.