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Bridal shoes for all

With Werner Kern bridal shoes you are perfectly dressed

for the most beautiful day of your life. Our Bridal Collection

offers a wide selection of open and closed bridal shoes in

classic satin white, great shimmering gold and silver tones

or simply in the color of your choice.

Bridal Shoes
Dance Sneakers
coming soon

Street dance shoes

Here you can find our dance shoes with a high quality street leather sole.

With these dance shoes, you can dance with confidence outside on warm

summer nights. The next milonga is already waiting for you.

Dancing shoes for the street

About our dance shoes

Newcomers often ask themselves: Do I really have

to have a special dance shoe to dance in?

If you plan to go dancing only once in a blue moon,

a more festive shoe from your own shoe collection will do.

However, if you go dancing more often...

Our quality

Dance- and the world will dance with you!

Dance shoes from Werner Kern aren’t like normal dance shoes. The small but crucial difference is they make dancing even more fun. 

Excellent fit and outstanding comfort make Werner Kern dance shoes the perfect wedding shoes.

The shoes fit your feet perfectly for a unique feel.

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Size: 1

Ashley LS
Size: 4

Size: 7 ½

Betty LS
Size: 2

Size: 1 ½

Size: 3

Felice LS
Size: 3 ½

Felice LS
Size: 4 ½

Size: 6 ½

Francis LS
Size: 2 ½




 making of....

Finally we got the opportunity to shoot our video and take pictures with the dancers of the Staatstheater Nürnberg Ballett in the Nuremberg Opera House... see for yourself how great it was!



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