Classic Werner Kern women's dance shoe closedClassic Werner Kern women's dance shoe closed

open ladies dance shoe from Nueva Epoca to lace upopen ladies dance shoe from Nueva Epoca to lace up

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Nueva Epoca ladies dance shoe in black-grey suede Nueva Epoca ladies dance shoe in black-grey suede

€99.00* €189.00* (47.62% saved)
narrow Werner Kern Salsa women's dance shoe in platinumnarrow Werner Kern Salsa women's dance shoe in platinum

grey ladies dance shoe from Werner Kern with exchangeable footbedgrey ladies dance shoe from Werner Kern with exchangeable footbed


Dance shoes with character for women with character

Dance shoes for women by Werner Kern stand for beautiful design, comfort and optimally adapted requirements for dancing. Since 1954, we have been constantly improving our craft and our passion for dance shoes to make dancing a pleasure. In our dance shoes, every foot finds the right support, thanks to high-quality materials and a supple surface. Of course, you can also find dance shoes for men here.

Werner Kern ladies' dance shoes for standard and Latin

The aim of the Werner Kern core brand is to develop a dance shoe that teaches hobby dancers without professional experience how to dance and offers professional dancers a distinctive dance feeling. The result is design-led, comfortable dance shoes that meet the requirements of all dance styles. Our ladies dance shoes are suitable for all standard, latin and ballroom dances.

Nueva Epoca dance shoes for Latin dances

Nueva Epoca women's dance shoes are the ideal dance companion for all Latin American dances. Exclusivity, passion and provocation from tango and salsa are the central characteristics reflected in the shoe.

Anna Kern dance shoes for young people

The ANNA KERN brand is aimed specifically at a young, price-sensitive audience. Dance shoes from this brand combine high-quality materials with eye-catching colours and glitter at a reasonable price.

Why women's dance shoes from Werner Kern are more enjoyable

Dance shoes are not normal shoes. Our dance shoes are not normal dance shoes. The difference lies in the workmanship, because at Werner Kern we are passionate about making dance shoes for your pleasure. Our quality promise includes:

  • an outstanding wearing comfort,
  • a firm grip,
  • high-quality handcrafted materials, as well as
  • a light wearing feeling

Outstanding wearing comfort

For the best wearing comfort, a soft and flexible intermediate layer is embedded in the sole of our dance shoes, which ensures a cushioned impact and thus a pleasant wearing sensation. Characteristic of Werner Kern dance shoes is the snug fit, which contributes to the fact that we offer dance shoes for both narrow and wide feet. For maximum comfort, we recommend dance shoes from the Comfort line with a special joint support for the midfoot.

Firm support

Our shoemakers finely handcraft supportive elements for a secure hold without compromising the flexibility of the shoe. Thus, our women's dance shoes combine stability, lightness and tear resistance, providing maximum security even under extreme stress.

Handmade dance shoes

At Werner Kern, only hand-picked and high-quality materials are used. Our shoemakers in Italy process fine leathers such as velvet goat or lamb nappa, as well as high-quality velvet and satin. The soft suede sole guarantees an easy glide, high flexibility, a firm footing as well as a secure feeling on the floor.

Lightweight feel

The special thing about Werner Kern dance shoes is the unique combination of stability, wearing comfort and a feather-light feel - ideal conditions for floating across the dance floor. Werner Kern women's dance shoes - exclusive design, firm footing, snug fit and excellent wearing comfort.