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Size (UK)
Product information "Martinee"
Complete your dance look with Martinee - pink ladies' dance shoes by Nueva Epoca - featuring a supportive small toe opening. The delicate back-part and individually adjustable cross ankle strap ensure a perfect fit with every dance step.
  • Heel height
    Wonderfully comfortable 7 cm heel (measured from the side) with a broad step surface for stability
  • Fitting
    This article has the last-shape "Media". All articles with this last-shape have a comparable fit, depending on the material and cut
  • Midsole
    Extremely soft and flexible latex midsole
  • Heel
    Shock-absorbent heel cushioning
  • Material
    Soft glove-quality laminated nappa leather that provides a particularly gentle and supple fit
  • Lining
    Wonderful feel/dance floor experience with high-quality and moisture-absorbent goatskin lining
  • Outsole
    High-quality suede sole for light and controllable turning and gliding
  • Buckle
Nappa leather fuchsia
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Easy care
Caring for your dance shoes starts with their proper storage in a textile bag, preferably with a shoe tree or filled with moisture-absorbent paper.
  • Nappa Leather
    Clean shoes after wearing by washing or brushing off dirt particles. You can make use of colour co-ordinated or clear shoe polish. Apply a thin layer of shoe polish, leave on for approximately half an hour and then polish shoe.
  • Suede leather
    Suede leather can best be cleaned with a standard crepe shoe brush (see extras in our shop).
  • Patent Leather
    The care of patent dance shoes is similar to that of normal street shoes. First, coarse dirt should be carefully removed with a cloth or brush. After wearing them six to ten times, some patent-lacquer polish or patent-lacquer care product should be applied. This should be spread thinly on the shoe with a soft sponge and allowed to soak in for about 30 minutes. Subsequently wipe off with a cloth.
  • Brocade
    Brocade is sensitive and may become detached if it comes into frequent contact with other shoes. Always store the individual shoes separately so that they do not rub against each other in the bag or pocket.
  • Chevro silver, Chevro platinum and Chevro antique
    Chevro Leather are made of high-quality laminated kidskin that is not dyed through. Scratches and scrapes cannot be removed.
  • Satin
    Satin dance shoes are particularly sensitive to dirt. Under no circumstances should hard brushes, rough sponges or aggressive cleaning products be used to clean satin shoes. The shoes should only be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little water, possibly diluted with a little colourless shampoo. Please make sure that the entire shoe is cleaned, otherwise marks will appear.
  • Suede soles
    Suede outsoles can become slick and slippery over time. With a special roughening brush (see extras in our shop) you can regain the original soft look of the sole by removing dirt and wax through scratching.

These styles have the same fitting

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Open Nueva Epoca Tango ladies' dance shoe in black suede
Size (UK): 5 ½

Open Nueva Epoca women's dance shoe with leather sole
Christina LS
Size (UK): 1 ½

Golden dance shoe for women made of fine nappa leather and a 7 cm heel

classic tango ladies dance shoe in black-red
Size (UK): 2 ½

black-red Nueva Epoca women's dance shoe with leather sole
Cosima LS
Size (UK): 8

Blue Nueve Epoca Ladies Dance Shoe in Suede
Size (UK): 4

red Tango women's dance shoe from Nueva Epoca
Size (UK): 6

open tango ladies dance shoe from Nueva Epoca in grey
Size (UK): 4

7 cm high Nueva Epoca women's dance shoe with leather sole
Maite LS
Size (UK): 7

open Nueva Epoca ladies dance shoe in blue and black
Size (UK): 4 ½

Ladies open tango dance shoe from Nueva Epoca in beige glossy suede
Size (UK): 7

Bridal shoe by Nueva Epoca with 7 cm heel and leather sole
Ornella LS
Size (UK): 1

Nueva Epoca Tango Ladies Dance Shoe with T Bar
Size (UK): 7 ½

Women's open tango shoe from Nueva Epoca in silver
Size (UK): 8

black Nueva Epoca ladies dance shoe with metallic heel
Size (UK): 8

Ladies open tango shoe from Nueva Epoca
Size (UK): 2

black women's dance shoe by Nueva Epoca with leather sole
Sienna LS
Size (UK): 5 ½

brown tango ladies dance shoe from Nueva Epoca in combination with copper
Size (UK): 8 ½