Choosing dance shoes to match your dance style

Dance shoes can be divided into two categories: Standard dance shoes and Latin dance shoes. At your high-school prom, the first dance class at school and at weddings, often more waltz, foxtrot and discofox music is played or something to that effect. In this case, it is often advisable to choose standard dance shoes, which optimally support the foot during such dances.

The difference between standard and Latin dance shoes are not just of a visual nature. The structure of the shoes also differs. Essentially, it is the heel, not the height, but the shape. While the heel of standard dance shoes is oriented towards the center of the foot, that of Latin dance shoes leans towards the heel.
Standard dances often use heel steps, where heels aligned with the center of the foot give dancers better control over the sequence of steps. On the other hand, heel steps are fairly uncommon in Latin dances. Rather, the heel alignment of these shoes is meant to assist dancers with complicated figures and the corresponding shift of weight backward.

Men also have a choice of different heels. Classic wooden heels offer very high stability, while modern foam heels (micro) offer unmatched comfort. Men's Latin dance shoes often have a slightly higher heel, which is designed to emphasize the swing of the hips while dancing.