What's important when it comes to dance shoes

Elements of a high quality dance shoe

If you love to dance, you should buy high-quality dance shoes. The shoes support dancers in various kinds of movements they make, and therefore always provide a secure footing on the dance floor. In addition, high-quality superior dance shoes also correct misalignments that can have negative effects on the legs, pelvis, and spine. But what exactly constitutes quality dance shoes and how do they differ from regular shoes?

The proper sole

Dance shoes need a special sole. You need to be able to literally glide across the dance floor, and yet you also need good footing so that you have a secure grip when you make quick steps. High-quality dance shoes always have a flexible suede sole. This is also known as a velour leather or suede sole. The special suede leather is characterized by its high durability and longevity. If the suede sole becomes slippery from dancing, it can always be roughened up with a suede brush. Only suede soles offer perfect grip and excellent glide – and that's exactly what's important when dancing.

Tampered steel shanks for shoes

To make Werner Kern dance shoes extra durable, all shoes are manufactured with a specially hardened steel shank in the midsole. Only this special feature of Werner Kern dance shoes gives dancers a secure feeling when dancing. Even under extreme strain, the shoe supports the foot exactly where it is needed. The steel shank gives the shoe its special stability, which, however, does not affect the flexibility in the forefoot area.

Robust heels for a secure performance

Dance shoes must have particularly robust heel designs. Especially when it comes to dances in which heel steps are common, such as the waltz, dance shoes must be particularly stable and resilient. Solid heels ensure good footing while dancing and give the dancer excellent performance confidence. In Werner Kern dance shoes, the steel shank mentioned above is anchored to the heel multiple times. This prevents the shoe from bending in critical areas, such as the transition between the heel and the sole. Heel tips and shock-absorbing heel cushioning also provide a comfortable wearing experience and are also easy on the joints.

Latex midsoles for a pleasant wearing experience

A soft midsole is particularly important for dance shoes. This is why high-quality dance shoes use particularly soft materials to cushion the sole. Werner Kern dance shoes are equipped with an incredibly soft latex midsole. This cushions every step and impact, so that dancers can dance the whole evening through without a care in the world.

Straps for a firm hold

While standard dance shoes fit the foot firmly even without straps, Latin dance shoes need the support of ankle or cross straps so that the shoe fits compactly. These are made of a particularly strong material. A special, tear-resistant high-tech material is used to manufacture the straps of Werner Kern dance shoes.

Highest quality materials

Only the finest materials should be used to manufacture high-quality dance shoes. Werner Kern utilizes only the finest suede and nappa leather, as well as high-quality brocade and satin. Our supple leathers fit the foot comfortably and adapt to the individual shape of the foot over time. Luxurious brocade and gorgeous soft satin impress with their elegance and exclusive appearance, matching every outfit.