14.06.2021 -  Customers that use the credit card which is enrolled in the 3D Secure program are asked for a pin or password. Please click on Payment for more information.


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Payment methods

We offer you the following methods of payment. Choose the one which suits you best.

Advance payment (free)

Please transfer the total sum of your order to our account:

Sparkasse Hanau
Acc. no.: 20 110 037
Sort code: 506 500 23
IBAN: DE68506500230020110037

Payment on delivery (fees)

Please have the billed amount ready to be collected by deliverer upon delivery (cash only, no cheques). We charge 5 € fees for delivery inside Germany and 15 € outside of Germany with the payment at our online shop.

Credit card (free)

We will charge the billed amount of your order to your credit card, the details of which have been provided by you after ordering, on the day of delivery. We accept VISA and Mastercard.

When credit card used that is enrolled in the 3D Secure program the process looks as follows:

  1. You enter your credit or debit card information in the payment form
  2. The acquiring bank contacts a directory server and gets the message that the card is registered in the program
  3. You see the 3D Secure page when they need to authenticate themselves to the issuing bank by entering the password or a one time PIN
  4. The result of the 3D Secure authentication goes to paysystem of your bank and then they submit transaction details to the acquiring bank
  5. The transaction is authorized by the acquirer
  6. You can see the response about whether the transaction is successful or failed

Paypal (free)

You can pay us by Paypal, quick and easy.
Our shop is Paypal certified to ensure the greatest possible security. In addition Paypal protects you from data abuse. If there is any disagreement, a neutral and professionel advisor is available for you through Paypal.

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