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Shoe care

Caring for your dance shoes starts with their proper storage in the textile bag, preferably with a shoe tree or filled with moisture-absorbent paper. Shoes made of nappa or chevro leather Clean shoes after wearing by washing or brushing off dirt particles. You can make use of color-coordinated or transparent shoe polish. Apply a thin layer of shoe polish, leave on for about half an hour and then polish shoe.

Chevro silver, Chevro platinum and Chevro antique are made of high-quality laminated kidskin that is not dyed through. Scratches and scrapes can therefore not be corrected.

Shoes made of suede leather Suede leather can best be cleaned with a standard suede and nubuk leather brush.

Suede soles Suede outsoles can become slick and slippery over time. With a special roughening brush you can regain the original soft look of the sole by removing dirt and wax through scratching.

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