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"Do I need special dance shoes?"

Beginners often tend to ask: Do you really need a special dance shoe to dance? That depends. If you plan on dancing once every leap year, a nice pair of festive shoes you already own would be just fine. If however you want to dance more frequently and enjoy it to its fullest extent, you will need special dance shoes. Because dance shoes are specially made for dancing. Dancing will become much easier for you and you will simply have more fun. Particularly with dance shoes by Werner Kern.

Find out here how we ensure our shoes make your dance floor experience that best there is.

Why dancing with Werner Kern shoes is simply more fun

Dance shoes are different than regular shoes. They have been specially designed for dancing. And Werner Kern dance shoes are different than regular dance shoes. They simply make dancing more fun. That is the small but decisive difference.

Find out why.

The sole made of suede leather

Let's take the sole of a dance shoe, for example. It must provide a steady stance, a good floor feeling on the dance floor and it must let you glide in a light and controllable manner. This is why our soles are only made of soft suede leather, as it combines its apparent contradictory properties perfectly: light, controlled gliding, high flexibility, a secure stance and good floor feeling. With time, your suede soles will become smooth as a result of the wear of the friction from dancing on the parquet. This is when you roughen the soles of your shoes with a special brush, which you can purchase under Accessories in order to be able to once again benefit from your shoes' ideal dance properties.

Inner durability

Dance shoes have to offer a stable fit even under the most extreme turning and stepping conditions. To this end, we integrate a tempered steel shank in the midsole to support your foot exactly where it needs it most, without impairing the flexibility of the shoe in the front part. In addition, our shoes are also equipped with a robust heel construction with a multiple anchored steel joint that prevents the shoe from excessive bending in the critical sole-heal transition point and under other extreme strains. This way you will keep your ground even in the most complicated situations. For our open shoes, we use straps that are enforced with a special high-tech material. They combine lightness with extreme durability and ensure an optimal stable fit.

Exceptional wearing comfort

Exacting dancers demand the very best comfort from their dance shoes - and right they are. Dancing has to feel good – especially to the feet and even after several hours. This is why shoemakers at Werner Kern use an extra soft and flexible midsole made of latex that cushions each individual impact, leaving your feet feeling good. A special heel tip has the same purpose, which with the extensively shock-absorbing heel absorber, ensures that your joints are optimally protected. Werner Kern also offers special models for broader feet. In terms of comfort, the comfort shoes by Werner Kern with their special arch supports for the midfoot are the true cherry on the cake.


Despite all of these measures to ensure stability and comfort you will see that all Werner Kern dance shoes are feather light – the very best prerequisites to glide across the dance floor. And one good thing leads to another. All in all, this results in a true Werner Kern dance shoe that combines all the benefits you can wish for: Exclusive design, perfect fit, stability and excellent wearing comfort.

You will dance with pleasure

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